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Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world! (As of 2019).

With 2 decks and very little noise from the 4 engines, the Airbus A380 offers its passengers a treat of a flight. Due to its 15000km range and upto 850 seats, the Airbus A380 allows airlines to charge less per ticket – so cheapflights (YES PLEASE).

The major user of the Airbus A380 is Emirates!

First commercial fligth was with Singapore airlines in 2007.

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The Airbus A380
  • Length 72.72m
  • Height 24.09m
  • Wingspan 79.78m
  • Wheelbase 31.88m
  • Cabin Floor area 550 m²
  • Fuel Capacity 320 000 litres (Just under R2million to fill up Oct 2019)
  • SCARY THOUGHT – Only 2 people required in the cockpit to fly!