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When you think about what you can do with radio control toys a whole world of excitement opens up for you. No matter what type of vehicle you like driving the most, there’s RC fun waiting for you to power up, and start motoring. Choose from different makes of motorcycles for open air cruising. Get up on two wheels, and tour the countryside, head for the track for a day of racing, or spend the day dirt biking in the desert.

The iQ was not shown at the recent Los Angeles website I attended. There wasn’t a peep about it from any of the Toyota execs roaming the halls of the Staples Convention Center. Maybe it wasn’t there becausebecause Toyota designers and engineers were busy tearing it apart to — drum roll please — turn it into the FT-EV.

Based on the novel by Louis Begley, this drama stars Jack Nicholson and is about a man named Warren Schmidt who finds out that his daughter is engaged to a man he doesn’t approve of. Consequently, he decides to go on a road trip in a Winnebago in order to convince her not to marry him. Already on the way, he calls his daughter to tell her he’s on the way, but she insists on his arriving shortly before the already planned wedding. So, he travels about and ends up learning something important about himself.

Also realize that this is a critique of interior and exterior design and does not intend to impugn the way these automobiles drive. I realize as a car reviewer that it takes a bit of time behind the wheel of a vehicle to really get a sense of how good it is. But if it’s ugly, cramped or just plain stupid looking I will be sure to give you my two cents. Feel free to fire back yours and tell me I am an idiot.

When the festival started in 1998, about 1,200 people attended. As it enters its 14th year, attendance is closer to 20,000, with the cars show being among the most popular events.

The second alternative to achieve equivalent exposure, opening the aperture to let in more light, is not always practical because I would be restricted to using my “fastest” lens, a 50 mm f1.4.

The guys go to look for the car Will left, but the car isn’t there and Fog’s dad tells them to get to the Greensboro bridge because it is the easiest way to get out of town and into Queens. Fog is determined to leave, but Burchell is still not convinced Will had anything to do with and insists on staying in the area to find Will. Burchell insists that Fog go on his own and he’ll stay behind.

Head on down to the 2010 NAIAS at Cobo Center which kicks off to the general public on January 16th and closes it doors for this year on January 24th and see the best of what Detroit has to offer.

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