Packing Tips

You should, first of all, make a packing list.  When you pack, you tend to forget things, as we all do, and the best way to avoid this is to create a packing list on which you can check items off.  This ensures that you will take everything you need because you will have a while to add any items to the list that you may have initially forgotten.  Remember to double-check your list to be sure everything is on it.

One of the smartest things to do is to check your airline of choice’s baggage policy and see how much you are allowed to take before having to pay an additional fee, because these fees are usually quite high.  Remember that not only the weight of your baggage may be limited, but also your baggage’s dimensions.

Remember that there will be a list of items that are prohibited and it would be wise to have a look at what those items are.  You can be sure that there will be a limit on fluids allowed, so you may want to pack your shampoo and such in smaller containers.  Have a look and see how you should pack to avoid being held up at the security check, or worse, have your items confiscated.

Any and every piece of clothing should be rolled up and not folded.  This means that more of your clothes will fit into your bag and you will have more space to pack other needed items.  Backpackers that travel for weeks on end have used this technique for quite a while.  Another perk that this method of packing has is that your clothes do not get any creases.

Remember that you are, in most cases, allowed some carry on baggage.  You should find out the limitations on carry on baggage with your specific airline and make sure to make good use of it.  When your carry on baggage is sorted nicely, you will have items that you may need on hand when in flight and you may also be able to pack an extra shirt or 2 if you need to.

You can always wash your clothes on the road, so you do not have to pack a new shirt and pair of pants for each day, especially if you are planning to stay a while.  Call your booked hotel and be sure that they offer laundry services, and if they do not, find a place close to your hotel that does.  This way you will pack fewer clothes and have even more space for other essential items.






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