Technologically Advanced Cities

Technologically Advanced Cities

There are so many people that love technology in today’s world that they outweigh the number of people that are not too fond of it.  Technology simplifies life and makes so much more things possible that it is quite unimaginable.  If you are someone that simply loves technology and also loves travel, then you will love checking out the most futuristic and technologically advanced cities in the world.

Boston is not only one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world but also one of the oldest cities in the USA.  If you did not know, various parts of Boston are wired with acoustic sensors that are intended to pick up anything that sounds like gunshots in order for the appropriate people to react faster.  Sounds cool?  It also aids in detecting biological weapons.

Dublin is currently developing a technology with IBM that will help in easing the massive amounts of traffic that it, and almost every other city on the planet, experiences.  This technology is aimed at helping people find the fastest route to their destination, locate the position of buses and direct them to open parking space.  We need something like this in South Africa.

Everyone knew that this one will be on this list.  Yes, people, London is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, if not the most.  The city of London makes great use of their available technology to also assist the massive amounts of traffic it encounters by simplifying the way that people are able to pay for public transportation.

Amsterdam, even though some of you always thought of Amsterdam as a place full of drugs and evil, is a great city that makes great use of technology.  The greatest and latest is that they are planning on developing apps that will allow tourists to see the best places to visit and assist them in biking through the city rather than having to walk or making use of public transportation, if they like biking, that is.

Songdo, although not a city yet, will be extremely technologically advanced.  It’s completion is stated to be in 2015.  Every home will have an electronic system that will help them control heating and locks, like home automation systems, and the city will have interlinked information systems.

Rio de Janeiro tasked IBM to interconnect all of the vital agencies of the city, including transportation services and emergency services, in order to add the struggle of traffic.  In addition to that, the network will ensure smoother power and water supplies.  If you are not intrigued by the technology aspect of Rio, be sure to visit for Carnival and enjoy the lovely beaches as well as the breathtaking views and the delicious cuisine.

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