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By Nadia Marth

While 2020 had everyone jumping on the online shopping bandwagon, you may have realised that all the shopping you need is just a click away on the couch in your pyjamas. So, forget the malls and instead mark your calendar for 27 November.

Here are our tips to bag the best online deals this Black Friday.

1. Sign up for newsletters and email alerts

Sign up for email alerts, newsletters and follow your brand/ store on social media to receive special alerts and discounts before anyone else.

2. Plan ahead

Create a list ahead of time of what you need to avoid being distracted by ‘great offers’ that you don’t actually need. Be specific about what you want. When looking for a good flight deal, be specific about your destination but be flexible on your travel dates.

3. Set a budget

Set yourself a limit and put together a rough outline of how much you plan to spend, referencing to it while you browse to reduce the risk of impulsive shopping.

4. Do your homework

Research your product well so that you don’t end up buying something inferior just because it’s marked at a cheaper price.

5. Download the app

Get instant and exclusive Black Friday deals that might only be available on app.

Download Travelstart’s FLAPP and get access to all our flights for even less.

6. Compare prices

Compare prices beforehand to see if you’re really getting a good deal. When booking flights, also check out hotel specials or all-inclusive packages around your travel dates.

7. Be prepared

If you plan on making EFT payments, check that you have enough funds in your account. If you plan on booking flights, make sure you have your ID and passport numbers on hand. You don’t want to be scrambling around for documents at the last minute.

8. Check for secure payment

Any legit e-commerce site or online store should have a secure payment platform that does not store your credit card information, but instead safely encrypts it. If you are unsure about your purchase, check your statement to make sure you have not been incorrectly charged.

9. Understand the returns policy

Many deals will have T&Cs attached, so make sure you know what the return or exchange policy is before you buy. When booking flights and accommodation, check for blackout dates, trip exclusions and if you are able to make changes to your ticket.

10. Avoid distractions

You’ll need to focus all your energy on nabbing those deals and staying calm. Having your kids or pets running around you may be distracting and you could end up buying the wrong thing.

Originally published by travelstart
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